Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chasing Stop Signs

If you know me, you know of my love for greeting cards.  Now I'm not talking grocery store greeting cards.  I am referring to miniature works of art found in boutique paperies.  Cards that you buy and then end up collecting because they are just too beautiful to give away.  Or wait?  Is that just me?  Now when I find a card I love- I buy two.  One to give away and one to put up around the house to inspire me throughout my days.  It's even to the point where I know specific card designers and am up-to-date on when they release new work. 

Anyways, if you know me you also know it's been a dream of mine to have my own company and my own brand of greeting cards.  Well, I need your help!  I have designed cards off and on but now I am getting brave enough to share a few designs.  I need your honest feedback and if you think anyone would buy these silly cards.  Here are two of my recent ideas.